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Reach new fitness peaks by training at 8333 ft.


Fitness training at 8333 ft.

Welcome to Thin Air Fitness! Reach new heights in our high-altitude gym where every workout brings you closer to the summit of your health and wellness goals!







What our clients are saying…

Thin Air Fitness is my absolute favorite gym! The workouts are targeted to prepare us for our seasonal outdoor mountain activities (skiing, biking…) The community is incredibly encouraging, supportive and welcoming to all. I frequently bring visitors as Leigha and the instructors will adjust the workout to accommodate any age or level.


If I could design the perfect gym, it would be Thin Air Fitness. The community was welcoming, inclusive, and fun from my first visit. I felt instantly comfortable and made friends among the coaches and other members. Looking forward to seeing everyone helps motivate me to show up for workouts and I always leave happy that I came. The balanced workouts and personalized coaching from Leigha have made a positive change in my fitness level too!” 


Thin air fitness has been the single best thing I have added to my training program over the last year! Leigha is so knowledgeable and will tailor exercises specific to your goals. She also corrects body mechanics, which has been instrumental to avoiding injuries I have developed in the past while strength training. I am so thankful for Leigha and the wonderful community that is Thin Air Fitness! This year I was able to PR in my marathon time all thanks to her! 


About us

Thin Air Fitness, proudly owned and operated by Leigha Kline, is an all inclusive gym with a little bit of something for everyone. Offering a variety of classes, Thin Air Fitness will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Click below to learn more about Leigha and how Thin Air Fitness was born.

Upcoming news & events

  • YOGA IS BACK! Monday at 11am with Jenn.
  • All weekday morning classes start at 6:45am.

Upcoming news & events

  • YOGA IS BACK! Monday at 11am with Jenn.
  • All weekday morning classes start at 6:45am.

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